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Indulge in the Finest Ingredients

Elevate your flavors to satisfy the most enthusiastic eaters. When you select Gourmand, you’ll be excited by our collection of exotic foods that add to your menu’s exclusivity.

Whole Porcini Mushrooms

Whole flash-frozen porcini mushrooms originate from Europe's forests. Harvested at peak ripeness, they're quickly frozen to preserve flavor and nutrients. Versatile in cuisine, they're used in risottos, pasta dishes, soups, and sauces. Their rich umami flavor and meaty texture elevate dishes, offering a gourmet touch to any meal. 


Seasoned Pork Belly

Gratify your guests with this hearty, succulent protein. Its uncommon placement on menus makes it a desirable addition, especially with the expert preparation.


If you’ve ever read the ingredients label on a container of yogurt, ice cream, or cream cheese, you may have wondered what, exactly, is something named after a swarming insect doing in there? Rest assured,...

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