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About Gourmand

Ingredients that excite—from quality proteins to flavorful garnishes.

Refined Ingredients to Revolutionize Your Kitchen

Satiate guests with exquisite flavors from Gourmand. As the premium choice for unique delicacies, we offer irresistible ingredients that delight chefs and guests alike.

Leverage your technical expertise to make our specialty foods shine—and feel the satisfaction of guests indulging in the pleasure of your creations.

GOURMAND Exotic Ingredients

Exotic Ingredients

Discover hard-to-find delicacies to deliver an unmatched experience. 

Gourmand Luxurious Dining

Luxurious Dining

Prepare food that guests not only consume, but heartily appreciate and enjoy.

Gourmand Captivating Flavors

Captivating Flavors

Uncover ingredients so rare and delectable that they can’t help but capture attention.

Helping You Excite Your Kitchen and Guests with Exceptional Ingredients.

Contact Us

Get in touch with the Gourmand product experts. Here to answer questions, provide technical support, and offer recipe recommendations.